Financial Planning

Many people procrastinate, or ignore, dealing with their personal financial planning. It is easy to assess whether or not you are on target. By objectively assessing  your current financial situation, you can decide whether it makes sense to seek professional help, or possibly new or additional help. Keep emotion out of the equation and be honest with yourself.


There are many resources available to help individuals establish objective financial, protection, tax, risk, legacy and retirement goals.  An experienced financial adviser can certainly help you get on track. Everyone’s situation is different, in which no two individuals have the exact same goals and objectives.  If you feel your financial house may not be completely in order and you would like to request additional information from our office please click the link below and fill out the request for information form. 

Niche Financial employs several strategies specifically catered to the risk tolerance and return objectives of our clients. Investments that perform well when times are good are well known.  What about during recessions & economic downturns?  We build strategies for our clients designed to perform during all stages of the business cycle.  It involves a combination of fundamental understanding of global markets, coupled with insights from a host of leading institutional managers and an advanced risk management framework to profit from global economic developments, both good or bad.

In addition, we offer a host of tools and services.  This includes account aggregation and performance reporting utilizing our state of the art reporting software Addepar.  We are able to track investments at multiple custodians, as well as other outside investments, to deliver the client a complete, centralized aggregated performance reporting solution.  We also assist in evaluating 3rd party investment managers and strategies for the client, and can deliver reporting and recommendations that incorporate how all of a client’s investments correlate to one another.  Lastly, we harness the power of our suite of technological tools to provide complete balance sheet reporting for clients, helping to streamline workflows for CFOs, CPAs, Private Bankers and other professionals assisting the client.

The information provided here has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but Niche Financial Services and its Registered Representatives of Coastal Equities, Inc., a member of FINRA make no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and it should not be relied upon as such. Niche Financial Services, Almanack Investment Partners, LLC and  Coastal Equities, Inc. accept no liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use this information or its contents. Securities may be offered to residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida only.


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